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Structured problem solving: the 10 point plan

Structured problem solving has a role like kata in karate, or the practice of etudes by pianists. It is an indispensable tool for continuous improvement.


Lafley and Martin: Playing to Win

In Play to Win, Lafley and Martin develop the Strategy Choice Cascade, a tool that helps develop a strategy in a systematic and organized way that achieves organizational goals. The cascade was developed at Procter & Gamble (P&G) by former P


Playbook Agile Leadership

Steps to become an Agile Leader and handout to fill this role.


Wardley Mapping

Wardley mapping is a visual method for exploring, understanding, and communicating strategy under circumstances of constant change. What is your competitive environment?Where should you focus? (Why here over there?)What should you own and build in-hous



Structured problem solving: the 10 point plan
Lafley and Martin: Playing to Win
Organizations for people
Playbook Agile Leadership Leadership
Wardley Mapping Evolving Strategy
Examples of distributed leadership Leadership
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Fit for Purpose Shape
Areas of Interest
Focus – Align – Enable – Empower
Focus – Align – Enable – Empower Leadership
The common cause Guiding Principles
Discover, Disrupt, Deliver Success Factors
Economic objective Guiding Principles
Increased learning Success Factors
Values and principles Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles Guiding Principles
system thinking Guiding Principles
Organizational resilience Success Factors
Operational excellence Success Factors
The path to becoming an Agile Leader Leadership
Create enabling structures and deliver GRADO
The path to becoming an Agile Leader
Acting as an Agile Leader
Acting as an Agile Leader Leadership
Agile Leadership in a Nutshell Leadership
Agile Leadership
The GOOD Cycle Innovate
Evolution Innovate
Level 5 Leadership Leadership
Focus – Align – Enable – Empower Leadership
Einfach Kompliziert, Komplex
Cynefin as a tool for decision making Evolving Strategy
Bureaucracy as a service Manage
Adaptive Organization Poster
Developing the adaptive organization
Details on the Adaptive Organization
Bureaucratic Mass Index Manage, Strategy Implementation
Embrace Ambidextry Innovate
Organize for Human Beings Manage, Shape
Empirical Management Manage, Shape
Flow Oriented Organization Design Shape
Structures – Processes – Workflow Shape
Grow Communities Hack
Seed Autonomy Hack
Design Interventions Hack
Responsibility and Accountability Grow
Organization Capabilities Grow
Individual Skills Grow
OKRs – Objectives and Key Results Strategy Implementation
Transformation and implementation Strategy Implementation
Operation Model Strategy Implementation
Management Model Manage, Strategy Implementation
Strategic Workforce Development Evolving Strategy, Strategy Refinement
Architecture and Technology Strategy Evolving Strategy, Strategy Refinement
Portfolio Strategy Evolving Strategy, Strategy Refinement
Strategy development Evolving Strategy
Situational Awareness Evolving Strategy
Innovate Innovate, Shape
Manage Manage
Shape Shape
Hack Hack
Lead Leadership
Grow People and Teams Grow
Strategy Implementation Strategy Implementation
Strategy Refinement Evolving Strategy, Strategy Refinement
Evolving Strategy Evolving Strategy
Growing People and Culture GRADO
From identity to strategy Evolving Strategy, GRADO
Stay Healthy
Portfolio Strategy
Shared values and principles
System thinking
Participation and communication
Cross-cutting categories
Enabling architecture
Environment of trust and learning
Structures, processes and workflows
Flow oriented organization design
Strategic workforce development
Organizational capabilities
Individual Skills
Enabling Structures
People and Culture
Strategy Definition
Situational Awareness
Evolving Strategy
Succeed in a changing world Success Factors
Agile Leadership in a Nutshell
Privacy policy
A Growing Map: A Real Life Example
Story Line
Start with Why
Flexible or Adaptive?
Strategy, Tactics, and Operations
Separation of Symptom from Problem
Value Proposition Analysis
Flow oriented organization design
Strategic Workforce Development
Portfolio and Strategy Strategy Refinement
From Situation to Strategy
Yesterday’s Weather
Three Horizon Model
Portfolio Management Squared
Portfolio Management
Investment Horizons Evolving Strategy, Strategy Refinement
Four Views of Agile Leadership Leadership
Agile Evolution